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Martin Morfjord

Martin Morfjord



The last 5 years has focused on beginning an entrepreneur, read more about my pathway here.

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If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together

I have been blessed by meeting the right people at the right time. And are thankful for what we have combless so far.

#Skills and Team

I believe that it is not your Skills alone that create success but it is your ability to use your skills together with others that create the potential for success. 

For me, it is all about your social capital, what often I call SQ. A good team is formed by releasing the team (link to the test) members’ skills, so they work freely and create. 


In a Scandinavian context, you will attract the best people if you create a system and forms of business where the figure for freedom and cooperation brings collective growth. Very often there are few owners or management who benefit for the direct pleasure of the growth, what if the growth catalyst was direct with the employees, and how they cooperate? Trippple AS is an example of such a company. Read more about the module here. xpand Ltd as an international association has the same dynamic.


I have developed many concepts and that have become products for companies or real reasons projects.


I believe good design uses the latest accessibility, color, and components and use I/O to adapt to the individual user.


Good ideas and design are nothing without out and systematic business logic. That is why I see this as an important part of the planning phase.