Nearly 7 in 10 Millennial social users are at least somewhat influenced to purchase based on friends’ posts. Read the report here.
A look at the new generation of social media stars. Read the article and view the videos here.

When a game changes you’ve got to adapt your strategy. If there is a new game in town you can’t play by the old set of rules and expect to win. For decades (if not centuries) leaders, pastors, and marketers have enjoyed a safe and controlled atmosphere. At least when it comes to communication. Whatever […]

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The Essential Social Media Content Strategy Guide Release

[ GET IT HERE ] Say ‘hello’ to the very first ChurchMag digital product! What you’ll find here is the sweetest thing since sliced bread. Actually, I don’t know if bread is sweet. Rye bread is pretty gross. Anyway, back to the point at hand. ChurchMag is chock full of great social media content. Best practices, strategies, tips, […]

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the next step in social media churchmag podcast

On this slam-tastic episode of the ChurchMag Podcast, Jeremy Smith and KC Proctor join me as we talk about the next step in social media. As we look at the trends of 2014, we see that being “real” is really important with the amount of online ‘noise’ has become almost deafening. So what’s the next […]

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Hi, my name is KC and I’m a social media addict. Twitter is my preferred drug of choice, but Facebook is a close second. Even Google+ will do in a pinch if I need a fix. Sorry, but I’m only ever on LinkedIn if I’m looking for a new job. With Facebook’s perpetual changes, Twitter’s […]

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A blog post from Dave Rozman (that mentions CPYU’s Walt Mueller) discusses the idea of tees using social media to try out different “identities.” Read the full post here.
all alone

Has Twitter gotten lonely, or is that just me? I love me some Twitter. I wasn’t one of the early adopters, but once I was on board, I was hooked. One of the things that I loved was the possibility of connecting with complete strangers over a tweet. I would reply to an interesting tweet […]

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New York magazine features profiles of many different online celebrities that your kids may be following. View the article here.
A look into some of the scariest apps for your kids. Read the article here.
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