Sermon Powerpoint presentations that DON’T SUCK

I’ve seen some woeful sermon powerpoint presentations in my time.  Terrible graphics, clip art, pixelated photos, bouncing text, horrible use of entry and exit text animations… should I go on? Last Sunday we had our baptism service and I wanted the sermon powerpoint to look schmick.  The weekend before I did up a decent one

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Springpad Vs One Note – first thoughts

Many of you know my fascination with Microsoft One Note… it’s a simple but powerful program which lets you categorise and store thousands of bits of info into ‘notebooks’ not unlike an A4 notebook with dividers.  Clever! Since getting an iPhone however I’ve searched for software that would allow me to sync seamlessly One Note

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LibraryThings – brilliant!

I was looking for a simple library tool that I could Easily and quickly add all mine and the churches books to Share the list easily and publicly View and search online or via my iPhone. I found LibraryThing and it’s perfect for us!  Adding books is a cinch, I share a permalink with everyone

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Which ‘To Do’ App Do You Use?

I’ve played with lots of the task manager apps on the Apple App Store for my iPhone and there’s a diverse range out there to help (or hinder!) your productivity. I spent $12.99 on an app called Things which had a brilliant write up and looked excellent. I have to admit, the price made me

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Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are so many tools you can use to organise yourself and increase productivity that you can get nothing done trying to work them all out. Few tips when creating a new system for life or ministry: – ask your peers what they use – what technology do you have available right now? – what [&hellip

Les mer – Get into better habits

Gotta love an application that lets you ‘game your day’. allows you to insert which tasks you want to complete EVERY day then tick them off each day and try and get a ‘streak’.  The idea is to try and get better streaks and create the habits you want in your life.  Not bad.

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