Stop Using Windows XP or Else!

The End of Windows XP

Is your church secretary or pastor still using Microsoft Windows XP? I hope not! If they are, you need to seriously encourage them to upgrade their computer and/or OS. If you are reading this on a machine using XP, you need take action soon. Here’s why: Microsoft Rushing to Fix Security Bug This latest breach of […]

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Can It Be True? OneNote for Mac!

Update: You asked for it, and #OneNote for Mac is HERE! Download it free in the App Store. http://t.co/EOKVAxJX9Y pic.twitter.com/0f575NM2dQ — Microsoft OneNote (@msonenote) March 17, 2014 Tech & culture blog The Verge is reporting an inside scoop that Microsoft is about to announce the OneNote application for the Mac: Microsoft is planning to release […]

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